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Remove toast programmatically

An id is returned each time you display a toast, use it to remove a given toast programmatically by calling toast.dismiss(id)


If you call toast.dismiss without argument, all the displayed toasts will be removed.

import React from 'react';
import { toast } from 'react-toastify';

function Example(){
const toastId = React.useRef(null);

const notify = () => toastId.current = toast("Lorem ipsum dolor");

const dismiss = () => toast.dismiss(toastId.current);

const dismissAll = () => toast.dismiss();

return (
<button onClick={notify}>Notify</button>
<button onClick={dismiss}>Dismiss</button>
<button onClick={dismissAll}>Dismiss All</button>

Remove notification from a given container​

  • Remove all toasts that belongs to a given container
toast.dismiss({ container: "123" })
  • Remove toast that has a given id for a specific container
toast.dismiss({ id: "123", containerId: "12" })